Sunday, 24 April 2011

Evaluation: Wix

Wix Evaluation

Final Cut

Media Final Cut from Luke Darling on Vimeo.

Monday, 28 February 2011

Rough Cut (Currently under Re-Editing)

The Constant - I'm Alive Re-Make (Rough Cut) from Luke Darling on Vimeo.


From JDU
-I like the use of the long and mid shots at the beginning to establish the mes.
-The singer must sing the first line. This must be shown.
-The first fifteen seconds needs some cutaways related to the singer and mes. How will you do this? Using the light of the fire is a good idea, or playing with the theme of light (moon, stars, reflections, shadows, etc). Perhaps these will be your cutaways.
-41--the tempo really picks-up and this is the first time that the music really picks-up. This must be emphasized through movement (the character, editing, effects). Adjust this area to convey the 'power' of the scene.
-109--excellent editing here with beat.
-the idea of this character being on a journey is good. This will lead to a powerful ending, one that is climatic.
-need more cutaways and/or close-ups in the opening 120.
-there seems to be a lot of movement of the camera. This will require you to use the camera with skills. Make sure you rehearse this.
-the reaction shots are good.
-I like how some of the visuals match the lyrics. Add the 'stars' to 145, eye line match.
-perhaps you could foreshadow the cemetery. Doing so will cause you to use some parallel editing. This may also help you add tension, for you could create dramatic irony by having something occur in the graveyard.
-Once again, good editing to beat at 223
- This video needs close-ups that show the movement/action of the 'runner'. For example, feet running and hand on wall/fence. Also, some POV shots.
-'Man hears a car' at 325. The car needs to be shown (perhaps focus on the lights to help convey the lights theme). Also, reaction shot.
-This car not stopping seems like a dramatic movement in the narrative. Develop it by showing more camera shots/angles.
-The ending is good. But perhaps consider how you successfully end the narrative.
Top Tips
1. Performance. There needs to be a performer. Film someone (perhaps the 'runner') singing by the fire. Shoot this from many angles and shot types. Also, add cut aways of his hands, face, etc.
2. Cutaways that develop the mise en scene.
3. Close ups.
The narrative idea is well constructed and the editing is quite sound.


Story Board Walkthrough from Luke Darling on Vimeo.

Friday, 25 February 2011

Risk Assesment

Risks When Filming
- Fire could cause damage (Bottle of water present + only small fire on damp ground)
- Some difficult terrain; sprained ankle, twisted ankle, falls etc (Correct foot ware worn)
- Forest has been known for bird hunting; At a worst case scenario could get shot (spoke with hunter/farmer and its fine to film at location)
- Near to train track; could get too close and hit by train? (Obviously not going to stand on train tracks)
- Standing on a small bridge where cars, vans etc pass (Be very aware of traffic and vehicles)

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Walkthrough Plan

Planning – items – camera, tripod, etc etc
- finding location
- examining location
- Remember the props! (talk about specific props)
- Bring story board
- Review feedback and make changes
- Think about where “Actors” are
- Bring the song
- Who’s brining the speakers or even mp3 player etc

Covey our concept – why filming, use treatment
Know what your doing – people should already know their own “positions”

Use of note cards – prepare what you will say

- cornfields (camping spot)
- possibly use lake
- possibly use death tree
- use the path going up to the train tracks
- Church
- Wall at church
- Garages
- Forest
- Connecting forest
- Bridge

Date of filming walkthrough 22nd Jan

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

CD Cover Research

This is what we expected form this artist on a CD Cover.

This was a CD cover from him and what we noticed

The Soundies

Dorothy Dandridge - Zoot Suit soundie

- Classic Jazzy feel
- Mostly 1 Shot
- Basic wipes/fades
- Classic dancing sequence
- Various angles

Basic Idea / Treatment

Story of The Year - I Am Alive

Basic Story - At the start we see a mystery person only a hand or chest with blood. We then have the lead singer (acted by me) To be alone in a forest. He then begins to try and find his way out panic a little. Every now and then we switch back to this mystery figure possibly show his back but not his face. Eventually after more singing and running etc the lead singer arrives at this person and its him. He then begins to sing the lyrics "I'm Alive!". This fits into the song perfectly. He then gets scared and runs away or leaves panicky. He then comes across himself again throughout the song. I will do this be using Adobe after effects and using a masking feature. A small test video will be uploaded demonstrating.  He then tries to admit that he might be dead but still doesn't fully agree that he is dead. Towards the end of the song he finds his way out of the forest and sees a passerby and tries to talk to him, there's no response and then he tries to grab or push the passerby and he goes through him like he's a ghost. Once again I will be using adobe after effects to do this shot. At the end of the original song the lead singer wakes up in an ambulance as he has been bitten or scratched and becomes a zombie or werewolf (you never find out). In my version we will cut to the original dead version of the lead singer that we first saw and he will move his and or open his eyes. He could also stand up and do jerky movements and I could speed it up for a horror effect.
Programs going to be used: Sony Vegas Pro 10 or 9. Adobe after Effect CS5, Possibly Photoshop CS5.

Monday, 29 November 2010

A2 Rush Subdivisions

A2 - Rush ‘Subdivisions’ School Montage from Luke Darling on Vimeo.

Task: Construct a music video that uses a montage of images that relate to the theme of school. Additionally, because the band is not available to be in the music video, clips of band performing in the original ‘Subdivisions’ music video must be used.

This task was more difficult than it seemed, as I couldn't 'hear' a montage song, but after I watched the original footage of the music video it gave me a clearer idea.  To begin we wrote down everything we could think of that reminded us of school. I had the usual things such as; desk, table, teacher, but I also had emotions such as boredom and stress. After this we were randomly choosing shot types out of a bag. We then had to write the shot type next to a related thought of school. From this we had our idea and then had to film it. We were all given a camera and had to go and film out thoughts.
Editing the footage didn't take too long as it was mainly syncing and very little effects. I tried to use a specific clip that related to the song e.g. when you see the CCTV camera the pitch drops, this is the represent the deep sounds as safety and security etc. There was lots of cutting involved which is what we were told to do for our music video.
This helped my editing skills and my syncing skills, it also helped me with using others footage and how to interpret a video.

Monday, 22 November 2010

Milli Vanilli Girl You Know its True Remake

Milli Vanilli Girl You Know its True Remake from Luke Darling on Vimeo.

The task was to recreate a Milli Vanilli music video in the next lesson. We soon learnt that this would be more difficult than we thought.
To begin we all had to story board 10 seconds of footage each, as we had to film the first 60 seconds of the original music video. After this we then had a rough idea of how we were going to film and where. We had a discussion and props and appropriate 'dress' to wear, and after that we had to film it the next lesson.
The next lesson we arranged to meet upstairs in the music block as that seemed the perfect place to film using the instruments and it was a place that looked most unlike a school. At this point we had our first problem. The music room had been double booked and we had to find another place to film. We then went to a music classroom and filmed there. The filming went well and we had a variety of shots similar to the original music video. However without a plan it all seemed a little 'relaxed' and we only filmed the first 40 seconds.
After finishing the filming our task was to edit it. The editing was going well and I finished it, then Sony Vegas decided to crash and loose my work. This was my second problem. I began to re-edit the video and it was quite easy second time round. I tried to use similar colours to the original video, e.g. using a white colour and certain points. I found the editing easy as it was primarily cuts and syncing.
This experience helped me expect the worst when filiming and expect problems and mishaps with anything.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

My Music Video Idea

My music video idea will be a little different from the original video. The original video if the lead singer running through the forest then collapsing in a street. An ambulance picks him up then towards the end he dies but comes back alive after they discover a werewolf scratch like cut on his chest. The video ends there. I will act as the lead of the band and be in the video. I have an imagination of someone singing about them being alive but no one can hear him or see him. E.g. me sitting next to someone "singing" the song but the person not reacting. Then we could see an over shoulder shot of the person watching the news about me being missing. Something along those lines :)

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Letter to Song Owner


Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to you today, to ask your permission to develop a music video using a song from the artist; Story of The Year. The reason that I would like to develop a music video using one of their songs, is because I am currently studying A-level Media and my coursework assignment is to develop a music video to a song of our choice. I am currently a student at Coopers Company and Coborn School in England.
I believe that the song I'm Alive is fantastic and would be a perfect choice for my coursework. I will re-create the music video using my own music concepts to match the original narrative.
Thank you for taking time to read my letter.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,
Luke Darling